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• Massage Therapy
• Reflexology
• Audio Production
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• Assistive Technology
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Office Administration (FB-024-3:2013/N821-001-3:2020)

~ Certificate Level 3

Office administration is a set of day-to-day activities that are related to record keeping & billing, financial planning, personnel, physical distribution and logistics, within an organization. An employee that undertakes these activities is commonly called an office administrator or office manager, and plays a key role in any organizations infrastructure, regardless of the scale. An office administrator has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within an organization run efficiently, by providing structure to other employees throughout the organization. These activities can range from being responsible for the management of human resources, budgets and records, to undertaking the role of supervising other employees.

Computer System Operation & Administration (IT-020-3:2013 & IT-020-4:2013)

~ Certificate Level 3 and Diploma Level 4

In computer systems programme at certificate and diploma levels, trainees learn to assemble, maintain, and repair computer hardware systems and optimize operating systems, drivers and storage capacities. They study the fundamentals of electronics, computer networking and security control. Trainees also get to learn and enter the information technology field with the necessary skills and understanding needed in the current job market.

Massage Therapy (MP-082-3-2011)

~ Certificate Level 3

This programme describes the skills; knowledge and attitude requirements in full body massage work on the whole body by promoting general health, relaxation and balance the mind, body and soul. The person who is competent in full body massage shall be able to assess client full body massage requirements, prepare full body massage work area, prepare client for full body massage, perform full body massage, monitor full body massage procedure, evaluate full body massage services, record full body massage procedures and manage post-massage procedure in accordance with massage treatment specification.

A massage therapist (Level 3) is competent in performing:

  • Full body massage
  • Half body massage
  • Foot and hand massage
  • Head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Athlete performance massage
  • Traditional massage oil preparation
  • Massage promotion & client service

Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology (MP-080-3:2011)

~ Certificate Level 3

In this programme, trainees will learn the skill, knowledge and attitude requirements in the foot, hand, ear reflexology also the promotion and client care services. Its work to promote relaxation, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and tension. The reflexology treats the whole person by focusing on areas which correspond to different organs and systems on the body. The person who is competent in reflexology will be able to assess client reflexology requirements, prepare the reflexology work area, prepare client reflexology, perform reflexology, monitor reflexology procedure, evaluate reflexology services, record reflexology service and manage post reflexology procedure in accordance with reflexology procedure.

A reflexology (Level 3) is competent in performing:

  • Foot reflexology
  • Hand reflexology
  • Ear reflexology
  • Reflexology promotion and client services

Audio Production

~ MAB Certificate Level 2 and Level 3

Audio Production personnel usually involved with audio equipment and software in order to produce good quality and variety of music genre. In this programme, trainees are competent in performing the audio equipment setup, audio production preventive maintenance, voice recording, musical instrument recording and music editing. This course will equip the trainees with skills and knowledge of sound effect recording and music precision.

Call Centre (Contact Centre Training Program)

~ MAB Certificate

In this course, we’ll offer trainees a brief introduction to the responsibilities of a call center agent, whether you work from home, a customer service department, or an independently based call center. We’ll explain some of the basic dos and don’ts of telephone etiquette, how to answer calls, and the impact your own tone and attitude can have on callers. We’ll also introduce problem-solving techniques to help you provide quality and excellent services to customers.

Additionally, we’ll offer several call center scenarios and case studies, as well as the latest in customer service and call center technologies. Trainees will learn the importance of call center standards and focus on continually changing responsibilities and positions of call center agents. Finally, we’ll conclude the course with tips and suggestions for dealing with some of the stress you may encounter in your job.