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Information Technology Centre 

Information Technology Centre of MAB was established in 1998.

The objective is to enable and empower visually impaired persons and personnel working with or for the blind, through the use of the most appropriate devices and softwares, and also to learn how to apply them as study and employment tools, and as a means for the visually impaired to achieve their full potential in life.

Services provided are:- 

  • Resource centre for information technology
  • Training in adaptive equipment / devices
  • Repair and backup services for adaptive equipment / devices
  • To convince the public and private sector employers, and policy makers to provide ICT facilities at the work place for the visually impaired people

Please contact the IT Centre for further information on details of training and courses offered at 03-22722677 ext. 144 or 145, or email rahim@mab.org.my

Cyber Club

The Cyber Club was established in 2007.

The objective of the club is:

  • To act as a platform for the blind ICT users to come together and share information among themselves
  • To exchange knowledge, ideas and skills at the user level
  • To share common problems and solutions with regards to assistive technology
  • To further promote the usage of ICT to enable them to develop their maximum potential
  • To keep updated with the latest assistive technology

The purpose thus is to generate more education and employment opportunities for and among the visually impaired people.

If you are interested in becoming a Cyber Club Member, download and complete one of the following forms:

Cyber Club Membership Form

Please email completed membership form to rahim@mab.org.my or contact the Cyber Club for further information at 03-22722677
ext. 144 and 145.

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